Ternary Battery Safe Or Not

- Sep 02, 2016-

As we all know, the Tesla electric car has been a typical representative of the application of ternary battery, but the security can make a breakthrough has been questioned. Tesla electric car although the mileage is larger, but often a large battery capacity means that the safety factor is low. The mileage of electric vehicles is a threshold at 400 km." August 21, 2016, to participate in the forum of China Automobile Industry Association executive vice president Dong Yang said.           


The power battery, there has been a lithium iron phosphate battery and battery materials ternary battery, the core of the argument is that the mileage or safety in the first place, or both have better combination. "There is much debate about how to choose the technical route of the electric vehicle, but depends on market development and demand." Dong Yang said.           According to the Ministry of statistics, since 2009, the new energy automobile accidents in China a total of 31 cases, of which 17 occurred since 2015, in which 17 accidents in 4 from the battery system accident, since there are 6 related components of the accident, 2 were charging system caused by defects, of course there are 5 is caused by improper use or illegal modification. As of the end of 2015, the accident rate of 0.17 per thousand, higher than the world average level more than doubled.           


Chaowei Research Institute Vice President Kirk said: "Tesla uses a lithium battery, many industry insiders acknowledged on behalf of the battery Chinese market benchmark, but unlike other countries, in China in order to reduce the initial cost, try to use a smaller battery, and excessive consumption of battery life. As a result, the Chinese market is the most challenging market in the world."       


Battery management system standards will be introduced           

In China's battery system, lithium iron phosphate is relatively safe, but the energy density is low, in recent years, has gradually been replaced by the high energy density of ternary battery, however, ternary battery battery security remains to be tested.           

According to the test data show that the existing power battery system, the risk of a single battery is widespread, low risk, including leakage, deformation, exhaust, high risk, including sparks, explosions and so on. If the monomer battery appears to be out of control, ternary battery  is more likely to spark than lithium iron phosphate material.           

The safety of the battery of ternary battery , it is not the way to solve the problem. Chen Liquan Chinese Academy of engineering, said: "the safety of liquid electrolyte containing no solid combustible battery can significantly improve the battery, the lithium battery is China's only opportunity, if this missed opportunity, the study of lithium sulfur battery and lithium air battery will lose the opportunity."           

At present, there have been more than 4 thousand international French Bellore company production of electric vehicles, powered by the battery is lithium iron phosphate to do the positive, the metal lithium to do negative, the middle is the polymer solid state battery, called PEO. But as early as 2014, China has been pushing forward the relevant research work, and no breakthrough progress has been made.           

Chen Liquan said: "it is strongly recommended to support the research, development and industrialization of solid state batteries. Hope that in five years to achieve industrialization."           The single battery is one of the factors affecting the safety of electric car; the other is the battery system, perhaps due to the lack of overall design rationality, all parts of the design space and no unified planning, to enhance the risk of accidents probability.           

According to the relevant agencies to investigate the domestic field of new energy components ranked the top 10 manufacturers, the clearance between the battery and the battery pack template is no uniform standards and requirements in the connector and cable of high voltage electrical components, and motor controller etc. the whole system safety protection measures are lack of reasonable and unified planning.           

Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry secretary Li Dong said: the state has organized the development of electric vehicle remote monitoring standards, and the safety conditions of electric buses will soon release the implementation. Battery management system technical conditions, the power battery coding, specifications and other standards are being prepared, revised, and also to be introduced as soon as possible. At the same time, is being organized to amend the new energy automobile production enterprises and product access rules, to be greatly increased the company's R & D capabilities and production requirements, improve the performance and safety requirements."  


More routes and more insurance?           

Public transport system and the new energy bus is always the government to promote new energy vehicles an important point of entry. By the end of 2015, the national new energy vehicles reached 86 thousand units, an increase of 136%, including pure electric cars 36 thousand, an increase of 3.9%, the national total of pure electric taxi more than 7 thousand vehicles, an increase of 72%, the relatively large increase. Among them, the lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery lithium battery is the main battery line. 


At the beginning of 2016 January 14th, the Ministry issued "to promote the application of new energy vehicles recommended models directory", which was ternary battery electric commercial bus, did not enter the "Catalogue" models will not be able to enjoy government subsidies and free purchase tax preferential policies. Industry insiders said that this has a great impact on the enthusiasm of the car factory.           

The development of high energy density power battery system has become the main trend in the world. According to statistics, ternary battery materials batteries currently accounted for more than 80% of the global lithium ion battery market, and high energy density is one of the core technology indicators of China's "13th Five-Year" planning of power battery. This is also the current industrialization of electric vehicle mileage, has not yet meet the market demand driven by the inevitable result.           


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