Tesla 2170 Batteries Analysis

- Jan 10, 2017-

Since Model 3 has not yet started mass production, the new battery will be used on Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 storage products. For Model 3 battery, the official said to wait until the second quarter of 2017 before the start of production (before the production of Model 3).          

After the announcement of the news, Elon Musk with you to invest in the gangster stroll around the factory, the Q&A link. Tesla shares rose after a wave of anger, it seems that investors are satisfied.          

In this news, the most important point is the replacement of Tesla battery, the Gigafactory production is 2170 batteries. In fact, a long time ago, there is news that Tesla battery will be upgraded from the current 18650 batteries into a battery of 2170.          

When Tesla selected 18650, mainly because of the cost of the battery and consistency can meet the requirements of Tesla battery upgrades, and is a need to balance all aspects of things, not blindly expand the single battery capacity. Tesla CTO Straubel has said that when they integrate all aspects of factors, the choice of the size of the 21x70mm.          

As for the cost of Tesla batteries in the end how much, the official data given very little. Just in April 2016 (when it was still 18650 batteries), Tesla called Jeff Evanso, said the VP (the entire battery pack) at $190 /kWh or less". There are foreign media (electreck) is also the cost of single cell battery is estimated, given the cost range of $/kWh 100-150.          

The cost of the battery, to a large extent depends on the amount of how much. The official said Gigafactory planning capacity is 35GWh/ years, almost the sum of the world's battery capacity, there should be enough to pull down the cost. However, the current construction of Gigafactory was completed less than 30%, so the production cost of the beginning of the 2170 battery is not too large. except tesla solar powere, more solar batteries like: