Tesla And Solarcity Joint Hands To Make Solar Power Battery In 2017

- Oct 18, 2016-

According to foreign media reports, Tesla Motors and Panasonic has agreed to solar panels in New York buffallo new factory production cooperation.          

However, the agreement between the two sides is currently only a non binding letter of intent, can achieve also depends on whether the approval of the shareholders of the acquisition of the company's solar SolarCity.          

Tesla announced the cooperation on the company's website. With this cooperation, the use of solar photovoltaic systems and modules will be able to integrate with the Tesla Powerwall, Powerpack energy storage battery, which is likely to be the new product Tesla released in October 28th.          

Tesla and Tesla have launched cooperation in the production of batteries in the super battery plant in Nevada. The new cooperation will expand the current SolarCity in Buffalo business operations.          

As we advance to complete the Tesla SolarCity deal on the occasion, is pleased to expand cooperation with Matsushita, "Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel (JB Straubel) said in a statement," through cooperation in solar panels, we can accelerate the optimal cost efficient and reliable solar cell and module production."

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