Tesla Announced That It Will Build Second Super Factories In Europe Next Year

- Nov 10, 2016-

On November 9th news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and chief technology officer JB Strobel (JB Straubel) in Germany this week announced the acquisition of the German engineering group Grohmann Engineering. In the subsequent press conference, Mask stressed that Tesla will invest a lot in Germany, and Tesla plans to build second super factories in europe.          

Mask confirmed that Tesla plans next year in Europe as the "super factory 2" site, the plant will produce battery and vehicle.          

Tesla's super factory originally planned to produce batteries and battery pack. But recently there is news that Tesla is planning to start the production of the super plant in Nevada, 1.          

It now appears that Tesla plans to further, the entire production process vertically integrated into a factory, that is, the super factory 2.          

At the conference call, Mask made it clear that Tesla's current focus is on the production of Model 3 models. However, in this process, Tesla also tried to adjust the production strategy, turning to the machine production machine". Acquisition of Engineering Grohmann is part of the plan. These machines will be initially deployed in Tesla's fee Raymond agent factory, but eventually will be deployed in europe.          

Tesla is currently set the goal is to start production in the Model 3, the annual production of 500 thousand cars. Musk is expected, Fremont agent factory capacity will reach 500 thousand per year to 1 million vehicles, and 1 super factory will ensure that the battery can meet the production of electric vehicles and energy storage products demand.          

About Europe's super factory, Mask said: "no doubt, in the long run, in Europe, there will be at least one in Europe, or two to three car and battery factory."

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