Tesla battery is safe or not

- Sep 10, 2016-

In August 16, 2016, Tesla ModelS90D vehicles in Biarritz city in the southwest of France (Biarritz) the fire occurred when the road test, the vehicle destroyed, but fortunately no casualties, and before the accident, the vehicle will alert, which shows the Tesla in the electric vehicle safety aspects of the work done is in place. Nevertheless, since listing Tesla or experienced all sorts of "learn hardships", here we first sort out the main safety accident for Tesla:           


There is no absolutely safe battery in the world, only without the risk of full recognition and prevention. Utilize the people-oriented product safety development concept, although the preventive measures are inadequate, but the security risk can be controlled.if you need 14.4v battery pack,14.8v li ion battery pack,18650 battery pack, 12 rechargeable battery packlithium battery 12v 100ah 11.1v 3s battery pack3s battery18650 batteri, please contact SNL company as soon as possible.



Tesla electric vehicles actually use the safety design, the details so that we can make nothing of it, check the relevant patent Tesla electric vehicle power storage system, combined with the technology of information currently available, in the hope of its failure as a warning, to avoid making the same mistakes, but also can give full play to the spirit of the copycat, absorption and innovation.           


Tesla is the first production of Roadster in 2008, the first pure electric sports car, the world's limited 2500 units. The model is equipped with a battery pack in the trunk behind the seat, the entire battery pack weight of about 450kg, about 300L, the volume of about, the available energy 53kWh, the total voltage of 36V.