Tesla Charger Overheating Recall

- Dec 08, 2016-

Citing foreign media reports, Tesla recently announced that due to the two charging adapter overheating caused by the melting of the plastic plug, the company is a spontaneous recall of about 7000 electric vehicle charging adapter.          

According to Tesla's e-mail to customers on Tuesday showed that in November this year, the company's two customers claiming to encounter the problem of car charging adapter overheating. However, in addition to the plastic melt on the plug, there is no more serious damage. Tesla said the company has voluntarily recalled the electric car charging adapter notification to the relevant regulatory agencies in the United states. Tesla claims that these adapters are produced by the company's outsourcing suppliers, at least 6 months did not sell.          

The two charger overheating case involving NEMA14-30 charging adapter, the adapter sometimes with clothes drying equipment socket American homes, electric car Tesla charging, therefore, the current is mainly affected by domestic and international customers in the US market, customers will not be affected. Tesla decided in the next few weeks to replace this charging adapter, but in this period of time, consumers should stop using this adapter.          

At the same time, Tesla announced that the company will replace the 10-30 NEMA and 6-50 charging adapter, although these adapters are not currently encountered failure, but its design is similar to the 14-30 NEMA adapter. This change is expected to take approximately 3 months time, in view of the two kinds of charging adapter has no fault, so Tesla said that this replacement period, those who rely on these two kinds of charging adapter customers can continue to use.          

In the U.S. auto industry, the recall is more common. According to the U.S. national highway traffic safety administration data, last year, the U.S. auto industry recall is very prominent, the number has hit a new high record, involving about 50000000 vehicles. In addition, the United States Automotive News reported that in 2015 the United States for second consecutive years, the number of vehicle recalls hit a new high, with a total recall of more than 50 million vehicles.          

The recall of electric vehicle charging adapter is already the fifth recall since the launch of the S Model car Tesla since June 2012, the first to recall some of the accessories. A year ago, Tesla implemented its biggest ever recall measures, announced the recall of all 90 thousand vehicles worldwide have been manufactured Model S electric car seat belt, there is hidden trouble of these cars. In April this year, Tesla also announced the recall of nearly 3000 X SUV Model car, the reason is that the car's third rows of seats appeared problem.

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