Tesla Delivered 76 Thousand And 200 Electric Vehicles In 2016 Did Not Complete The Target Of 80 Thousand

- Jan 05, 2017-

According to foreign media reports, the electric car manufacturer Tesla in 2016 delivered a total of 76 thousand and 200 models of various types of vehicles to the user, but did not reach the target of delivery of 80 thousand.          

Tesla said in a statement, Tesla in the fourth quarter produced a total of 24 thousand and 800 Model S and Model X SUVs, delivered to the user in about 22 thousand, failed to reach the established goal of 25 thousand.          

In the fourth quarter after the introduction of data delivery, Tesla also will be released in 2016 the data throughout the year, a total of 76 thousand and 200 vehicles of various types of electric vehicles sent to the hands of users, and in 2016 the amount of Tesla delivery target is 80 thousand units, which means that Tesla failed to accomplish this goal.          

Although not completed the delivery of 80 thousand targets, but Tesla's output in 2016 reached a total of 83 thousand and 900, compared with a substantial increase in production in 2015 of 64%.          

Tesla also said that there are still 6450 electric vehicles in transit, is about to be delivered to the user, but this part will not be included in the delivery of data in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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