Tesla Mileage And Battery Capacity

- Nov 07, 2016-

Recently, some of the data collected from the Tesla owners show that in the accumulation of more than 200 thousand miles (321868 km) later, Tesla S Model battery capacity is unlikely to fall below 90%.          

A group of active investigation initiated in the Belgian Dutch Tesla owners forum, interviewed 286 Tesla Model S owners all over the world. The collected data is finally made into a table.          

Apparently, from the data can be read, in the beginning of the 50 thousand mile (80467 km) cumulative stroke, the majority of the Tesla S Model battery capacity is maintained at around 95%. Over this figure, the speed of degradation of the battery capacity seems to begin to slow down, the capacity of the battery again lost 5% of the capacity to accumulate about 150 thousand miles (241401 km) trip.          

For the problem of battery capacity loss, the investigation team will also use the Tesla turbocharger station to investigate the impact of battery life as a possible factor. According to a survey form the group released frequently to Tesla booster station performance car battery charging recession than those using Tesla booster station car battery charging frequency is not high even slower. Their guess is that the battery in charge during the charging process is less heated, thereby reducing the parasitic reaction of the battery.          

In this year, Tesla's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk said they had on the Tesla battery conducted a test, travel more than 500 thousand miles in the simulation (804672 km), the battery capacity kept above 80%.          

It is reported that Tesla's driving device in the design of a set of at least 1 million miles (1609344 km) life goal. If Tesla battery performance can really achieve the goal of digital, so the Belgian Tesla forum to get that data is possible, perhaps in the future, Tesla will continue to make a breakthrough on the basis of.


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