Tesla's New Battery Before The End Of The Production Of Model 3

- Dec 08, 2016-

According to local media reported earlier, President Alan Mask said Tesla, Tesla and Matsushita Battery battery suppliers together to create new, will be located in Nevada, GIGAFACTORY production, and put into production at the end of the year. Plainly, in fact developed new small batteries, these small battery becomes the battery according to the number of combinations.          

The new battery model is 2170, Mask claims that the latest battery will be the best in the world and is the cheapest. 2170 and in the current model of battery energy density compared to 18650, will be significantly improved. This talk brings two meaning, first, the use of the same number of batteries, the battery life mileage will be greatly increased. Second, if in order to achieve the same mileage,          

According to our understanding of Tesla, the battery was named 18650, actually refers to the cell diameter of 18mm, length of 65mm, and the new battery made a little change of name, will be the last "0" is removed, that is to say, the size of the new battery 2170 upgrade to 21mm diameter and 70mm long. First do not say that the energy density has increased, only from the size of the know, if the unit capacity is constant, size becomes large, its energy capacity has been upgraded.          

But the size increases while the energy capacity did not like what the upgrading of technology, Mask said the energy density increase is the largest battery upgrade. The maximum capacity of 18650 battery cash for 1500-3000mAh, according to foreign media reports, 2170 of the capacity of 5750-6000mAh people. Volume increase is not much of the case, if the data is correct, then the capacity is increased exponentially.          

Electric car battery life is indeed a problem of concern to consumers, but the use of the same cost is also worth attention. The energy density of the upgrade means under the same volume, the capacity was doubled, in other words, if you do not consider the increase of electric car mileage, just to maintain the current battery level, battery can be 1/2 of the original assembly in the car said, is not to be understood as the car battery factory in the cost of corresponding province 50%, this can also benefit consumers. In the Model collocation S battery composed of this is about $150-$190/kWh, while Tesla's goal is to carry the new battery cost in new type decreased to about $100/kWh, but in 2170 the costs are no accurate data. From a digital perspective, this update is undoubtedly improve the performance of cost reduction practices, manufacturers get more profits, and consumers have the appropriate access to better products.          

Model 3 will be very likely to become the first models equipped with the new battery pack, when consumers will have the opportunity to lower the price to buy longer range of tesla. S Model and X Model two existing models will be updated and equipped with a new battery pack will not get a clear message, but if you pick up the car time is next year, it is possible to get a new battery pack models. Although it is not clear whether there are many, but from the data, this is a qualitative leap in the development of the electric car industry is indeed a great help, the capacity increases, so that consumers are no longer looking for charging pile concerns, and use of a large decline in the cost of the gospel of consumers.

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