Tesla To Pay 1.7 Billion US Dollar In Battery Manufacturing Costs

- Nov 07, 2016-

Tesla electric car company in regulatory documents confirmed that, as of September 30th, the company needs to pay a total of about $1 billion 700 million in battery manufacturing costs to the Japanese Panasonic Corp. These electric car batteries are in the state of Nevada's super battery factory production.          

Tesla, the company's long-term battery manufacturing partner, in 2014 agreed to Tesla super factory investment for the purchase of equipment, machinery and other manufacturing tools. Tesla is expected to cost $5 billion of the factory, by the end of this year, you can begin to put into operation, the production of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will be the first to be used for Tesla's energy products, and then applied to their electric vehicles.          

As optimistic about the Tesla electric vehicles, and is expected to be very strong demand for electric vehicles in the future, the plan to invest $1 billion 600 million for its investment, the production of batteries for tesla. To this end, the year on Monday cut its annual profit expectations.          

Wednesday at the close, Tesla shares fell 1.45%, down to $188.02. So far this year, Tesla's stock price has fallen by about 22%.

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