Tesla Wants All Consumers Can Afford To Buy High-performance Electric Vehicles

- Sep 09, 2016-

Abstract: Gao Xiang said that Tesla's goal is to continuously improve the performance and cost of new energy vehicles, so that all consumers can afford to buy a high-performance electric vehicles rather than the most expensive electric vehicles.           


As there is no less than the broad market prospects for electric vehicles, lithium battery energy storage application market has been in the domestic and foreign well-known lithium battery /PACK/ car company's strategic layout occupies an important position.           


Based on the electric vehicle and energy development strategy of new energy vehicles and new energy to achieve the combination of the mission, Tesla has cut the power and energy storage battery in the field of R & D and production of lithium batteries, the current capacity of the total demand.           


But Tesla from domestic lithium battery system earlier released PowerWall and commercial lithium battery system PowerPack, and then to the acquisition of money in America's solar panel manufacturers SolarCity, to build electric cars and energy storage combined with the new energy Empire, will other new energy enterprises in the energy market has a lot of reference.           


In August 22nd, "after the rectification" era, how to live better? "As the theme of the ninth session of the lithium industry Engineering Forum and the 2016 high electric vehicles (passenger car, passenger car) national tour launch ceremony will be held at the Kerry Hotel Pudong.  


From the various segments of the industrial chain of lithium over 300 leading enterprises will gather to discuss the depth of communication China lithium industry challenges and opportunities.           


In the lithium battery echelon use and storage wars open "storage special, Tesla charging infrastructure and public policy director Gao Xiang made" Tesla road - clean energy and electric vehicles coordinated development "theme of the speech to the guests, introduced the development strategy and planning how Tesla will achieve energy storage combined with electric vehicle.           


Gao Xiang said that Tesla's goal is to continue to improve the performance and cost of new energy vehicles, so that all consumers can afford to buy high-performance electric vehicles instead of making the most expensive electric vehicles. At the same time will accelerate the realization of the world's energy to change the mission of sustainable energy, building a new energy to change the future life of the target, Tesla also continue to promote the development of the energy storage area in the program.           


In order to make all consumers can afford to buy high performance electric car, Tesla launched a mass market the latest cheap models Tesla Model 3 and received more than 300 thousand orders in the short term, it will become a powerful guarantee to further develop the market share of the Tesla electric car.           


"Safety and continuously improve performance of electric vehicles is the magic weapon" Tesla to build high-performance electric cars Tesla Gao Xiang pointed out that from the beginning of the foundation is dedicated to the continuous improvement of electric vehicle safety performance and function of science and technology, power lithium battery management system is safe and reliable with high performance has become a key Tesla electric car.SNL company also offers 

In the aspect of power lithium battery capacity building, Tesla super lithium battery factory full production will make the Tesla power lithium battery production capacity in 2013 based on the double, fully meet the Tesla in electric vehicles, energy storage and other aspects of the needs of the construction.           


At the same time, Gao Xiang said Tesla will increase investment in China's charging network construction, to provide consumers with the most comprehensive charging solutions to solve the problem of consumer charging difficult.           


Before the day, Tesla's 100th super charging stations in China unveiled, becoming another milestone in the construction of China's Tesla charging network. Tesla Tesla owners to achieve home charging pile on the basis of more than 90% installation rate, continue to promote the construction of public charging pile network.           


At the same time, Tesla also join the Chinese Quality Center (CQC) jointly launched the "Tesla charging partnership", and announced in China to set up a charging test center, to actively promote the mainstream enterprise to carry out the new GB compatible transformation, the implementation of the new national standard charging support.          


Data show that Tesla has China in nearly 50 city construction of more than and 340 super charging stations in more than 100 city construction of more than 1 thousand and 600 destination charge pile, to achieve intensive coverage of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region.if you need  please contact SNL company as soon as possible.           


Tesla China public policy and charging infrastructure director Gao Xiang said that Tesla will go all out to support the new GB, in the near future to sell the new car and the construction of the charging pile will meet the new gb. At the same time, Tesla is still in the home energy storage, micro grid, solar energy storage and other energy storage market has made good progress.