Tesla Will Occupy Vehicle Charging Station To Charge 2.6 Yuan Per Minute!

- Dec 20, 2016-

 Tesla in December 17th on the official website issued a notice, announced on a full charge will not remove the right vehicle charging station, charging the vehicle to delay his car charge, and said the move is not for profit, but to improve the customer satisfaction. 


 Since Tesla into China, often have the owner on the charging that charging the full power of the vehicle has occupied the position of the station, the car only contacted digital cloud bacteria had a similar problem Tesla owners. Tesla move although it is proposed a new fee items, but I believe for Tesla owners, there is no doubt that a very good news. 


 The following is the original Tesla announcement: 

我们设计超级充电网络的初衷是希望为特斯拉车主提供完美、愉快的长途旅行体验。 因此,我们十分理解车主们在到达超级充电站后,却发现所有车位都被满电的车辆占据时的沮丧心情。为了使所有车主都能拥有良好的体验,我们决定通过收取“资源占用费”这一措施来提高充电站的利用率。

 We design super charging network is intended to provide Tesla owners perfect, happy long-distance travel experience. Therefore, we are very aware of the owners arrived at the super charging station, but found that all parking spaces are full of electricity vehicles occupy depressed mood. In order to make all owners can have a good experience, we decided to collect resource occupancy fee this measure to improve the utilization of the charging station. 

在我们设想的未来场景中,车辆可以在电量满格后自动驶离充电站,这样既方便了车主又提升了充电网络的效率。 但在实现这一设想之前,我们要求车主在充满电后能够主动将车位腾出,供下一位车主充电使用。通常人们是不会把已加满油的车辆留在加油站的,在充电站也应如此。

 We envision a future scenario, the vehicle can automatically leave the charging station in full power, which is convenient for the owners and enhance the efficiency of charging network. But before the realization of this vision, we require the owner after the full power can take the initiative to vacate the space for the next owner charging. Usually people are not going to stay in the vehicle has to fill up the gas station, the charging station should also be the case. 

Tesla 手机应用程序能够帮助车主远程监控车辆的充电状态。当车辆充电即将完成时车主会收到一次提醒。当车辆完全充满时车主会再次收到提醒。 如果此时充电连接器仍未拔下,则“资源占用费”计费开始,计费标准为每分钟 2.60 元。如果车辆在计费开始后 5 分钟之内离开,则不收取本次费用。需要强调的是,我们推出此项措施的目的是提升客户满意度,而非借此营利。

 Tesla mobile applications to help owners remotely monitor the vehicle's charging state. When the vehicle charging is about to complete the owner will receive a reminder. When the vehicle is fully filled the owner will receive a reminder again. If the charging connector has not yet pulled out, the resource occupation fee billing start, billing standards of 2.60 yuan per minute. This fee is not charged if the vehicle leaves within 5 minutes after the billing begins. It should be stressed that the purpose of our introduction of this measure is to enhance customer satisfaction rather than to profit. 


 We want to provide as much as possible customers with more resources to meet the long-distance driving charge needs. We believe that this measure can greatly enhance the Tesla owners super charging station experience. 

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