The 3rd International Forum On Cathode & Anode Materials ForAdvanced Batteries

- Dec 25, 2016-

The 3rd International Forum on Cathode & Anode Materials for Advanced Batteries

April 13, 2017 -14 day (12 day report)          

Hotel Ningbo China Shangri-La    


Host (Sponsors)          

China chemical and physical power industry association          

China Electronic Technology Group Corporation eighteenth Research Institute     


Undertake (Organizers)          

Ningbo Institute of materials technology and Engineering          

Beijing China International Exhibition Co., Ltd.   


Special support          

Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau          

This is the beginning of China's 13th Five-Year plan of the year, according to China's Ministry of science and technology and other government departments to implement the "13th Five-Year plan" requirements, many research projects have been implemented. Among them, high safety and high energy lithium ion battery technology (class of major common key technologies research) content involves the study of high capacity cathode, carbon / alloy anode, high safety and function of the electrolyte membrane, in order to develop energy ratio reached 300Wh/kg, the cycle life of 1500 times, the cost of 0.8 yuan /Wh, security performance the requirements of national assessment indicators, the annual production capacity of 100 million Wh. It is not difficult to see, these major projects in the positive and negative material research breakthrough is the key. In addition, the research set in 13th Five-Year more than 500Wh/kg of lithium sulfur and lithium air battery and the development of low cost sodium ion battery system to the goal, the positive and negative electrode materials (including active materials and functional materials) is the key technology to break through.      


In order to further promote the advanced battery technology and industrial competitiveness in China, to meet the IT, electric vehicles and energy storage to the sustainable development of the urgent needs of battery performance improvement and development of the next generation battery, with timely implementation of China's 13th Five-Year plan, China chemical and physical power industry association decided the Third International Forum on new batteries polar material technology in Zhejiang on April 13, 2017 -14, held in Ningbo, the preliminary decision matters as follows:          

Main communication content          

1, a new type of cathode material          

1 high performance, low cost cathode materials for lithium ion batteries          

New progress in research and application of high nickel NMC and NCA cathode materials;          

New progress in research and application of olivine high voltage cathode material and its industrialization technology;          

Research Progress on preparation, modification and application of new high capacity cathode materials such as lithium manganese based cathode materials;          

Reduce the battery application and practical evaluation on the new progress of the promotion, the positive electrode material of the existing performance cost;          

The plurality of lithium ion intercalation reaction or multivalent ion cathode materials for basic research;          

2 lithium ion battery, lithium air battery and other lithium battery new system prospective basis and application of new research progress and related mechanisms;          

3 research on cathode material of sodium ion battery and its practical application;          

4) Innovation exchange of other new cathode materials, research progress of cathode materials such as multivalent magnesium.          

2, new cathode materials          

1 progress in research and application of silicon-based negative electrode materials system;          

2 carbon materials performance improvement, cost reduction and practical battery application research progress;          

3 (LTO) new advances in performance improvement, cost reduction and practical battery applications;          

4. The research progress on the improvement of rechargeable lithium and its applicability;          

5 sodium ion material performance improvement, cost reduction and practical battery application research progress;          

6) polyvalent metal (magnesium) on the basis of innovation in electrochemical system;          

3, a new type of functional materials          

1, Shi Moxi, carbon nanotubes conductive additives and new research progress;          

2 all kinds of new (including improved) carbon additives and its application progress;          

3 research and application progress of new binder (silicon carbon negative electrode);          

4, other related topics          

1 advanced batteries and related materials market analysis and outlook;          

2 Application of small and power batteries during long-term storage or cycle material degradation analysis;          

3 new materials exploration and evaluation methods, including high-throughput or genomic methods, models and simulation methods, as well as precision analysis and detection technology of new instruments.


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