The Application And Development Of New Energy Vehicle Time-sharing Lease In China

- Dec 29, 2016-

Recently, there are a number of new energy vehicles timeshare rental projects in a second tier cities landing.          

Nanjing: December 22nd, the global car rental car rental Co., Ltd. EVCARD new energy vehicles when the project was officially settled in Jiangsu, Nanjing, the first more than and 30 rental outlets also put into operation. Global car sharing and Jiangning signed an agreement, plans to 2020, 8000 rental outlets will be covering the city of Nanjing, put 20 thousand cars, the city of interlibrary loan.          

Xiamen: before the new energy car rental in Xiamen, officially Tong'an District, the introduction of 32 new energy vehicles, including the creation of the Tongan Fujian Light Group factory park, Tongan Industrial Area of China World Trade Center property, Tongan Industrial Zone, Wu LV Tongan sports center and other 4 sites.          

New energy vehicles timeshare rental market prospects          

Although the new energy vehicles at the time of the lease earnings more difficult, but has been widely supported by the community. In recent years, the urban environment and traffic congestion problem is more serious, but also to speed up the reform process of the automotive sector. From the perspective of the new energy vehicles around the time of the lease project landing, many are led by government led. In addition, due to the fierce competition in the field of new energy vehicles, life bottleneck constraints, so many car companies have aimed at a time when the lease market. The most important thing is that the new energy vehicle time-sharing lease itself has a strong competitive advantage and a huge user base.          

The main advantages of new energy vehicles time-sharing lease:          

1, environmental protection and energy saving can reduce exhaust emissions, is conducive to urban environmental protection;          

2, compared to public transport, flexibility, convenience and efficiency has a great advantage in reducing labor costs;          

3, improve the utilization of parking space, reduce travel costs;          

4, the user base is large, there are no more than 100 million car ownership, these are potential users;          

5, vehicle procurement costs are much lower than fuel vehicles;          

6, the government and the enterprises to promote new energy vehicles throughout the examples of recent timeshare rental floor is not difficult to find that most of the government and the promotion of large car prices, such as BAIC and BYD.          

7, the development of space: at present, China's car rental penetration is low, far lower than Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries. Roland Begg predicted that the future of China's auto market share will continue to grow by 80% in 2018, an increase of up to $65 billion.          

All along, life is a major bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicles, but not on the timeshare lease. The timeshare rental users mostly in the city of short distance travel, so the new energy vehicle mileage can basically meet the demand, and in recent years many city has accelerated the construction of charging facilities, so life issues in the near future will be solved, but parking is the main bottleneck of new energy when the car rental.

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