The Central Government From 2016 To Gradually Reduce Subsidies

- Jan 04, 2017-

The central government has been clear from 2016 to gradually reduce subsidies, subsidies will no longer be available by 2020. Based on battery and other electric vehicle technology progress, vehicle costs have been greatly reduced, electric cars should be driven by the market as soon as possible to rely on subsidies. Taking into account long-term subsidies will inevitably bring fraud and product pricing distortions and other issues, more importantly, the root causes of local protection and local subsidies related.          

Therefore, future can cancel the direct subsidies to car manufacturers, cut off the root of local protection. Local financial support is mainly used to build a good environment for the application of new energy vehicles, such as support for infrastructure construction, electricity subsidies, parking fees, etc., will really be used for new energy vehicle users. If the government subsidies to consumers may increase because of manpower due to government departments do not want to, you can consider the introduction of banks and other financial institutions, the government gave the money to the bank, to provide consumers with relevant information can be obtained directly from the bank the government subsidies, to carry on the supervision of banks. This will greatly enhance efficiency.

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