The Cold Thinking Of Graphene In The Field Of Lithium Ion Batteries

- Sep 08, 2016-

Graphene as a unique nano material properties, from the date of birth by the scientific research, industry, capital and government levels of attention. With the study of graphene properties of graphite in depth, related industries also started early, the basic research and engineering development in the situation.           


And this in turn to promote the further attention of graphene, people's expectations of increasing. The application of graphene products from the beginning of 2015, gradually appeared in the market, such as lithium batteries, graphene conductive additives modified anticorrosive coatings, had better product sales, began to enter the large-scale production stage.SNL company also offers 

Graphene applications in the field of energy is the most fiery, but also the most promising direction           


Among them, the application of graphene in the field of energy is the most fiery, but also the most promising direction. In principle, graphene is a two-dimensional conductive material is excellent, with the cathode materials for lithium ion batteries (lithium iron phosphate), which can improve the conductivity of electrode materials, and wrapped cathode nano particles, the existing "black + carbon nanotubes conductive agent upgrade.           


The power performance, the consistency and the life span of the lithium battery with the addition of graphene conductive agent have different degrees of improvement.if you need 

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In addition, graphene can also be added to the new anode materials (such as intermediate phase carbon microspheres, etc.), to enhance the performance of the electrode material is also a possibility of future development.


These applications although not the core of lithium battery technology, capacity and density of lithium batteries has not improved, but can improve comprehensive performance of the batteries and new energy vehicles, graphene technology maturity relatively high direction.           

Cold thinking of graphene over heat           


But at the same time, we should also see that, due to overheating of graphene, a lot of people do not understand what the properties and applications of graphene under the condition that the blind pursuit, boasting graphene applications in the field of lithium ion battery and effect, made a lot of ridiculous joke.           


Here I suggest that we carefully read the Tsinghua University, the new energy Internet Innovation Research Institute Liu Guanwei, deputy researcher of the series of articles. In which he fully detailed interpretation of the application of graphene in lithium batteries, but also to clarify the concept of a lot of media speculation in the error.           


In a nutshell, is that graphene does not like the magician able to perform wonders to improve lithium battery, the capacity of magic. In addition, the battery fast charge fast hair, or simply by adding a new material can be solved, but a system level issues, the need for each component, module.           


Here had to look back again stressed that the graphene is not "magical" or "false", but we have the wrong understanding of the application of graphene, it is based on the unreasonable expectations. Put aside the graphene "universal" false aura, it is still a very unique and very good application prospect of advanced materials, it depends on the application for products bring what nature, what kind of problem, what benefits.           


When a new material, new technology or new concept, we must grasp the principle of science, engineering and the actual market demand basically, with reasonable logic analysis, rather than blindly cater to the desire for the concept of capital market. Perhaps after a wave of ups and downs from this round, the graphene industry, but can go more stable, the future will be better.

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