The Latest Lithium Raw Material Prices

- Dec 16, 2016-

This week the foreign media quoted cobalt pulled up sharply, the lowest low rise overseas cobalt cobalt has been to $13.6 a pound, the cost of imported cobalt almost 250 thousand / ton, although inbound supply has not so far, but domestic suppliers in expectations offer up quickly, and domestic speculative plate this week in tianchai fire. But compared to the hot spot market transaction price of cobalt is very cold, the market turnover amount, this wave of cobalt prices rose over a long period of time, the downstream consumption is limited, most of them have stock consumption, is expected to post will fluctuate with the overseas.

This domestic electrolytic manganese prices continue to pull up, the manganese City bullish atmosphere is very positive, electrolytic manganese plant continues to improve quotes, spot transaction prices are also rising, buyers but constantly improve the psychological price. The majority of manganese plant reaction spot missing, production has been long single lock, delivery of pre orders, while the spot market price gradually reduced, close to high priced; the purchaser said the current 15500 yuan / piece of manganese may purchase, but the feeling is constantly reduced, the price is too high, unless there are urgent needs of the purchaser, avoid buying, and the purchaser said, a lot of manganese factory for spot said few, some are really not, but there is no manganese plant cover goods, to be up for sale, the market is in positive bullish.

Cobalt lithium market positive consumption season, but also due to rising costs of raw materials pressure is too large, cobalt lithium market prices all the way up, the price of 208 ~ 212 yuan / kg. Lithium cobalt lithium market industry focus, just need to support the rise, is expected to late lithium cobalt prices will continue upward.

The lower fear rose in early December have about signing orders, four cobalt Market at present with delivery, a small amount of high turnover go under the overseas cobalt price boost, four CO oxidation of three quotations for 17.2 ~ 174 thousand yuan / ton, the average price last week rose 4000 yuan / ton. Four oxidation of cobalt suppliers said the cobalt price trend is too fierce overseas, the price of domestic cobalt prices will rise after four strong in late.

The domestic lithium hydroxide price 155000~160000 yuan / ton, the average price of 157500. Price movements smooth.

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