The Ministry Is Working To Develop A Number Of Power Battery Guidance Document Technology Roadmap Will Be Released In The Near Future

- Sep 08, 2016-

Abstract: we have learned from the Ministry of Equipment Industry Department of automobile department director Chen Chunmei, the Ministry is guidance to accelerate the drafting and preparation of "promoting the development of automotive power battery industry" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), is expected to be published in the year.           


As the heart of new energy vehicles, power battery is highly valued.           


In September 6th, sponsored by the battery industry alliance ", the power storage battery cutting-edge technology and applications forum, the reporter from the Ministry of Equipment Industry Department of automobile department director Chen Chunmei was informed that the Ministry is guidance to accelerate the drafting and preparation of" promoting the development of automotive power battery industry "(hereinafter referred to as" guidance ") that is expected to be published in the year.           


At the same time, the power battery technology roadmap has entered the final stage of grinding also is expected to be released in the past two months.SNL offers 2s lithium battery as well, including 


Promote the new system battery industry           


Chen Chunmei said, "guidance" made clear the power battery industry in 2020 to 2025 the main development goals, also proposed to promote the development of the industry's key tasks and safeguards.           


"In 2020 the goal is very clear, 2025 of the goal is: to further accelerate the development and production of new systems, and promote the industrialization of the new system battery." Chen Chunmei said.           


Prior to June 30th, the national power battery innovation center was established in beijing. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Xin Guobin said at the inaugural meeting, the 2020 target is battery, battery monomer ratio of energy per kilogram of 350 kwh, the cost of 0.6 yuan per kWh to.


The innovation center of the national power battery in the project proposal put forward, before and after 2020, new energy vehicles will not rely on government subsidies, or greatly reduce financial subsidies, to achieve universal application, pure electric vehicle mileage will reach 400km, the same price of the vehicle power battery system - specific energy needs to 250Wh/kg, cost dropped to 1 yuan /Wh. 

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Chen Chunmei said, "guidance" will accelerate the national power battery innovation center construction, strengthen the system upgrades and new lithium battery research and development, promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain, strengthen product safety quality inspection, improve the management system of business and other aspects of the development of further tasks and measures.           


In addition to the guidance, Chen Chunmei revealed that the power battery technology roadmap is now doing the final polishing work, and is expected to be released in the past two months.           

Lithium ion batteries as the main technical direction, there is a battery of lithium iron phosphate and lithium battery three yuan of technical routes. China's power battery industry to lithium iron phosphate system, Japan and South Korea and the United States and other countries are mainly three yuan of materials. At present, the former in the energy, high and low temperature characteristics, economy is significantly lower than the foreign level of three yuan of material power battery.           


Vice president, deputy director of the Academy of Engineering China Chinese metals society long Gan Yong believes that the future development should be three yuan, but also must have a new breakthrough, but lithium iron phosphate does not give up, the future direction of the lithium iron phosphate is in iron phosphate lithium manganese and graphene lithium iron phosphate materials, the latter can still improve specific capacity, to the final filtering performance may be similar, to further cost comparison.           


Xin Guobin said that a variety of technical routes are not antagonistic, but for different customer needs, to make different market positioning. There are buses, private cars, taxis, logistics vehicles and other different types of new energy vehicles China, the mileage, dynamic performance and cost requirements are quite different, should be based on market segments demand as a guide to explore the applicability of products.     


Push a number of policies to break the bottleneck of the industry           


In 2015 the global new energy automobile production of about 549 thousand vehicles, 379 thousand vehicles to Chinese ranked first, an increase of almost 4 times, according to the League of nations automotive battery research institute predicted that in 2020, China's new energy automobile production capacity will reach 2 million vehicles, power battery demand will reach 100 billion Wh, new construction investment reached 100 billion yuan; in 2025 the new energy automobile production capacity will reach 3 million vehicles, power battery industry potential.           

However, Chinese power battery industry is still facing many problems: small scattered situation of the whole industry is very serious, there are blind investment and repeated construction, the key components of the product and the lack of stability, product quality and other issues are also increasingly prominent, the implementation of storage management system and integration capability is relatively weak.           


According to Gan Yong introduction, at present the enterprise power battery China there are thousands, with 1 million KW battery production capacity of only ten enterprises around the market, BYD China largest enterprise share is only about fourteen percent. Because there is no large enterprises, innovative resources are very fragmented, most of the economic scale, profitability, R & D team, R & D capabilities, research and development system and the Japanese, South Korean companies far.           


In view of the current situation of the industry, the Ministry of industry in 2015 issued the "automobile power battery industry norms", and published a number of enterprises to meet the requirements. Chen Chunmei said that the Ministry will make a further revision of the "norm" to strengthen the conditions, the size of the products and research and development capabilities, product consistency and other requirements, will also strengthen supervision and supervision of enterprise application.           


The power battery safety and reliability is not strong, Chen Chunmei said, the Ministry is to accelerate the development of power battery product performance, reliability, cycle life, recycling, encoding, and a series of standard specifications, safety standards will be further revised and tightened, there will be further standardized the current has been put on the products on the market.           


Another bottleneck of the power battery is that the industrial development of the collaborative mechanism has not been formed. The lack of a unified understanding of the power battery, battery system and electric vehicle industry in technology, product requirements, quality system, battery recycling and so on, have not established the mechanism of the link between the technology chain, industry chain collaborative development.           


Chen Chunmei introduction, is accelerating the introduction of power battery recycling and reuse of the implementation of the measures will be clear that the parties to the responsibility of the extended system of producer responsibility. Also will strengthen the power battery products resource management system construction, now is developing a pilot program of new energy battery recycling, the next step will be organized in some key areas, some areas can be recycled, do some pilot work.   


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