The New Dual Ion Battery Technology Has Lower Cost And Higher Energy Density

- Dec 30, 2016-

Tang Yongbing, a researcher at the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has developed a new type of high energy storage, low volume battery technology.          

According to reports, Tang Yongbing invention of aluminum - Graphite double - ion battery, is a new efficient, low-cost energy storage battery. The new type of battery uses graphite as the anode material, replacing the lithium compound in the lithium battery. The conventional electrolyte lithium salt and organic solvent composition of carbonate esters.          

During the charging process, the positive graphite of the new type of battery has an anion intercalation reaction, and the aluminum anode reacts with aluminum lithium alloy. This new type of reaction mechanism, not only can improve the working voltage of the battery (3.8-4.6V), while significantly reducing the volume, quality, and manufacturing cost of the battery, so as to enhance the energy density of the battery fully (~220 Wh/kg).          

The team members said, 500kg aluminum graphite battery mileage can reach about 550 km, while the same weight of ordinary electric car batteries, mileage up to only more than and 400 km. Compared with the traditional lithium battery technology, aluminum graphite battery can reduce production cost will be about 40%-50%, increase the energy density of at least 1.3-2.0 times.          

This kind of aluminum graphite double ion battery has very high application value from the present stage. By "cheat fill incident", the state financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, from the beginning of next year will fall, aluminum graphite battery can reduce production cost will be about 40%-50%, the negative impact of subsidies for new energy vehicles fall off completely eliminated, and even make new energy vehicles to further reduce the price. And life improvement, can ease people's new energy vehicles, endurance anxiety". If the battery technology can mature early, or can have a strong impact on the existing pattern of power batteries.

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