The New Version Of The Power Battery Specification Will Lead To A Serious Excess Capacity

- Nov 23, 2016-

1) the standard conditions will be implemented in 2017, GGII research shows that as of October 2016, the domestic battery production capacity of not less than 8GWh, and only one, is expected by the end of this year production capacity of not less than 8GWh battery power enterprise does not exceed 4. If the standard from the beginning of January 2017, more than 96% of the domestic power battery enterprises will not be able to meet, will lead to disastrous consequences on the industrial chain, directly caused by substandard product inventory battery enterprises, battery supplier does not meet the criteria of OEM production, inventory, the development of the industry will be rapid cooling.          

2) to meet the requirements of domestic battery enterprises will set off a new round of expansion trend, GGII data show that the current domestic battery capacity of the number 2-4GWh of more than 20 companies, these companies will have to add 2-4GWh in the fastest time of the production capacity, industry investment will appear in a mess,, from the equipment, materials and personnel are not.          

3) capacity planning a single enterprise and the current domestic demand for new energy vehicles which do not meet, 8GWh power lithium battery will meet the installed capacity under different models. As can be seen from the following data, if the power of a 8GWh production of a furniture company, aiming at pure electric passenger cars, the single home production capacity will be able to meet the domestic demand for pure electric passenger car nearly 90%. If the positioning in the hybrid car, the serious excess capacity. Therefore, this production capacity is easy to lead to serious excess capacity of enterprises.

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