The Next Generation Of Lithium Battery Anode Material Silicon Anode

- Nov 05, 2016-

What do you think about the silicon anode? Large capacity, high volume expansion? Silicon anode as a new generation of lithium ion battery anode material, its capacity up to 4200mAh/g, is 10 times more than graphite anode material, is the most promising next generation lithium ion battery cathode material.          

Silicon anode is also difficult to overcome the shortcomings, this is mainly due to the lithium silicon anode in the process of serious volume expansion in completely lithium silicon anode state, the volume expansion of up to 300%, and this will cause the shedding of powder material particles, serious impact on its electrochemical performance. People are trying to reduce the silicon anode materials such as nanoparticles, volume expansion, thin film electrode, carbon coated method, are the people to overcome the silicon anode expansion efforts, volume expansion is a bad news for lithium ion batteries.

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