The Second International Battery Fair Of Japan In 2016

- Nov 01, 2016-

2016 Japan Battery Show - the two International Battery Fair (Int L '7th' Rechargeable Battery Expo-Battery Japan) in March 2, 2016 to 4 in Japan, Japan, the Ming International Exhibition center. The Japanese battery show is a part of the "New Energy Week" series of activities held in Japan every year.          

2016 New World Energy Week (World Smart Energy Week 2016 (PV Expo) by Photovoltaic Exhibition 2016, 188 exhibitors, exhibition (PV) photovoltaic system System Expo 2016, 243 exhibitors, exhibition (FC) fuel cell Expo 2016, 252 exhibitors), wind the exhibition (Wing Expo 2016, 119 exhibitors), the Sixth International smart grid development (6th Int L Smart Grid Expo ", 118 exhibitors, seventh) is two times the battery (7th Int L Rechargeable Exhibition" Battery Expo, 267 exhibitors), second exhibition (2nd Int 'energy market L Energy Market Liberalisation Expo, 61 exhibitors), and the first biological material can use the (1st Int L Biomass Expo' 56 exhibitors), sixth ecological living and Ecological Architecture Exhibition (6th Eco House & Eco Building Expo, 83 exhibitors) nine special exhibitions, and 1387 of the exhibitors.          

This "New World Energy Week" was also held during the energy storage and renewable energy policy, hydrogen energy and fuel cell, photovoltaic and solar energy, wind energy, batteries, smart grid, energy market and biomass of seven thematic meetings and symposia, including 40 special reports and keynote speech.          

In addition to the fuel cell (10 topics), photovoltaic (10 topics), battery (10 topics) and wind (10 topics), a total of 40 thematic reports and presentations, a total of more than 100 articles.          

2017 "New World Energy Week" will be held from March 1, 2017 to 3.

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