The Secretcy Of 18650 Lithium Ion Battery

- Aug 13, 2016-

what is 18650 battery? what's the advantage of 18650 battery? Is 18650 battery safe? How does it performs on e-cars?

let me lead you into the mystery of 18650 battery

What is 18650 battery?

18650 battery, the ancestor of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, developed by SONY in 1984, means Ø18mm & H=65mm cylindrical battery. Its the earliest, most mature and stable lithium ion battery.

In the early years, 18650 is applicated most in consumer products, like computer etc.

18650 battery later adopted widely by many industrial intention application, which can be composed in series or parallel connection into battery pack, widely used in portable medical devices, military communication and outdoors devices. Most high quality rechargeable battery are 18650 li-ion battery or li-ion battery pack. Because 18650 lithium battery performs much better in all round ways compared with other rechargeable batteries. Within a specific size, it performs higher capacity, large power output and high consistency with other battery cells. So you can get 3.7v battery, 7.4v battery, 12v battery, 14.4v battery, 36v battery, 48v battery etc. You can also design different batteries with 18650 battery according to your particular devices. For example, E-bike battery, UPS battery, Solar battery, Drone battery with your required voltage, capacity, size wrap and protections.

With Tesla car Model S, using Panasonic 18650 3100mAh, to navigate exceed 400miles, it made 18650 battery announced thereafter.

Is 18650 safe?

Yes, of course.

With the development of lithium batteries, 18650 battery have come into a much mature development level. 18650 is the very first lithium-ion battery cell, developed by Sony company in 1984, which production technology is the most mature and stable in all kinds of lithium batteries.

You can say 18650 is the ancestor of lithium batteries. And it has been put into auto-production for a standardized and scale production for years. 18650 battery has the highest level in auto-standardization production so far.

And now 18650 battery applied much wildly than before, e.g. Medical devices, car etc.

American Giant Terras, using Panasonic ternary 18650 cell, created a magic tale to navigate exceed 400miles. Which made 18650 battery announced.

many famous branded car has been using 18650 in their cars list or prepare to be list. Let me show you as pictures below: