The Third G20 Lithium Battery Sumit 2nd CEO Meeting Report

- Sep 06, 2016-

First, in March 26, 2016, the third session of the G20- summit lib second CEO meeting held in Jiangsu, Changzhou, members of the summit host air lithium battery.                       


Two, 2016 power battery industry background                       


Benefit from the new energy automotive market, power lithium battery enterprises 2015 years earned a full bowl full. However, from the beginning of the first quarter of 2016, the performance began to show differentiation, industry leading edge highlights.                       


After experiencing the power lithium battery industry in 2015 after the expansion of production capacity by leaps and bounds in 2016, the industry will shift from scale driven to quality driven.                       


At the same time compared with international giants, the domestic power lithium battery business in terms of product consistency, stability and cycle life, although some enterprises have some products in the performance of par on foreign enterprises, but from the whole industry situation, there are still some gaps. Meanwhile, Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd,  a professional group for litium ion battery pack , especially cylindrical Li-ion battery , Li-ion polymer battery pack and LiFePO4 battery. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , is also trying their best to offer best quality lithium batteries to fullfill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry. we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.



Dividend policy to the upper reaches of the transfer                       


Executive meeting of the State Council, to accelerate the realization of a revolutionary breakthrough power battery. Promote small and medium enterprises, universities, research institutes, such as the formation of collaborative research, open sharing of power battery innovation platform, in key materials, battery systems and other common, basic technology research and development focus on force.                       


Central finance to take the award on behalf of the way, according to the power battery performance, sales and other indicators of the enterprise to give incentives. Increase the support of digital manufacturing complete sets of power battery.


Industry reshuffle is a big probability event                       


According to the lithium Engineering Research Institute (GGII) data show that in 2015 the domestic battery available capacity is 16.5GWH, power battery demand gap of 3GWH, expected 2016 domestic battery capacity will exceed 35GWH.                       


This means that despite the signs of overcapacity began to appear, but the effective production capacity is still insufficient. This is mainly because the car companies, the market is still recognized by the power battery products. Can not meet the needs of the market, the product may appear structural overcapacity.

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With the arrival of the structural overcapacity, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.                       


Three, on the supply chain price surge                       


1, members agreed that the whole industry chain of power battery should maintain a healthy profit balance point. In the past, especially in the upper reaches of the material continued investment, poor profitability of the situation is not conducive to sustainable development of industrial health.                       


2, the price from a certain point of view, is a terminal for positive feedback of market prospects, although short-term crazy prices is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry in the short-term, but in the long term, enterprises should do to adapt to the stage, the irrational price risk control.                       


Four, on the expansion and overcapacity                       


1, members of the second half of this year to the first half of this year to maintain the market situation cautiously optimistic. But for the next 3-5 years, the industry continues to grow, the participating members of the company agreed.                       


2, members agreed that from the beginning of last year, a large area of expansion, there will be extreme tendency; the malignant expansion will cause the competition in the second half of the year production capacity of low-end intense, may lead to a new round of industry reshuffle; benign expansion is more from the customers downstream, especially the directional requirement of large customers and the upgrading of the existing technology and products. 



3, members agreed that the future only in the continued investment in technology research and development, in order to ensure sustainable competitiveness of enterprises, rather than purely on the scale. Expansion should be a qualitative expansion, rather than a simple and crude amount of expansion.                       


4, members agreed that the short-term capacity of structural surplus is a large probability event, but the demand for high quality products has been in short supply. At the same time, a new round of industry reshuffle is also a probability event.                       


Five, on the technical route of the power battery                       


1, power battery related material system is still in the changing cycle, there are some uncertain risk. Member companies agree that, whether it is the four major materials, or electric core manufacturers, car prices should maintain a long-term tracking technology trends, so as to ensure their own technology, technology to keep up with the trend of change.                       


2, no matter what kind of technical route, safety, high temperature characteristics, energy density, light weight and mileage will be the next three years, the power battery and downstream car prices between the focus of the game. if you need 4s battery, SNL offers 14.4v, 14.4v battery, 14.8v battery,14.4v Lithium battery,14.4v battery pack,14.8v li ion battery pack oem welcome.



Six, on the power battery performance improvement                       


1, no matter what kind of technical route, the continuous improvement of the energy density is the major direction. Especially through the improvement of the performance of the original materials, as well as the new material with the theory of capacity to continue to close.                       

2, how to ensure the consistency of the power battery is still the future development of materials and equipment companies focus, including online testing, automation, intelligent upgrade there is a lot of space.                       


3, in China, 2025 of the big environment, the traditional automation equipment data monitoring, supply chain and plant manufacturing network, intelligent control is the future direction. Power battery manufacturers not only to achieve the production line MES, connected to the control, warehouse, but also to connect to the use of vehicles.                       


Seven, on the end of the electric car market                       


1, members agreed that the bus market in spite of policy uncertainty factors, but will still maintain a growth trend remains unchanged; logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, construction vehicles and other special vehicles will become the market segments of the market power battery new year, and share. At the same time, the passenger car market is still the future of the largest share of the market segment.                       


2, at present, the standardization and modularization of the vehicle power battery is one of the bottlenecks which restrict the healthy development of the industry. This is also the current majority of power battery enterprise product series, the scale of a single product is one of the main reasons for the effect is not obvious. Member companies unanimously called on the government and the relevant authorities should accelerate the power battery, electric vehicle standardization work.


Eight, build G20- lithium battery segments of the summit                       


1, members agreed to set up special technology field of power battery industry chain segments in the existing G20- lithium battery summit under the framework of joint organization of non member enterprises to carry out G20- lithium battery summit academic / technical exchanges, joint research and development, promote the sharing of research results and Application Research transformation.                      


2, the committee will be around three yuan, the lithium iron phosphate system innovation system, material system, intelligent manufacturing (4), the whole power system, energy storage system to set up industry focus areas. Daily will focus on their technical field to carry out various forms of academic activities, such as technical seminars, annual technical conference, technical forums, salon, members of the organization to participate in international academic conferences and technology exhibition will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts.                       


3, on this basis, through a series of common technology project R & D cooperation, joint research group composed of relevant enterprises, enterprises avoid repeated high investment and technology development uncertainty and risk aversion, shorten product development cycle, saving development costs.                       


Nine, the establishment of the cornerstone of the lithium battery industry chain Fund (chip)                       


1, G20- member enterprises are currently lithium China lithium battery industry in various segments of the leading enterprises, and is also the cornerstone investors the best resources of lithium battery industry chain integration.                       


2, based on the integration and future capital operation to optimize the external resources of the enterprise own strategic positioning, G20-, lithium battery summit member enterprises recognized and actively participate in the lithium battery industry chain cornerstone Fund (chips).                       


3, as the country's first focus on the lithium battery industry chain, industrial investment fund, the lithium battery industry chain cornerstone Fund (chips) will be the new energy vehicles, new energy storage industry oriented, focusing on the lithium battery on the downstream (materials, equipment, power battery) investment and industry consolidation.               


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