The World's Highest Capacity Super Lithium Battery Debut

- Sep 25, 2016-

The world's highest capacity "super lithium battery" will debut Cobo, than ordinary lithium battery small size 2-3 times, but the energy density of 2-3 times.          

In September 22nd, the theme will be "released the achievements of science and technology and patent technology and transaction special, nuclear radiation detection system, multi functional satellite command vehicle, haze and other sophisticated visibilitydetector projects have appeared. Among them, a "super lithium battery" has attracted a lot of people's attention.          

On site staff, this is the "high energy lithium sulfur battery and battery technology", a conservative estimate, it is smaller than 2-3 times the volume of ordinary lithium battery, energy density has to 2-3 times, can be widely used in new energy automotive products and mobile phone etc..          

Specific energy is the energy that is released by the unit weight or unit volume cell. It is an important performance index of the battery. This super lithium battery is the world's highest energy lithium sulfur battery and battery pack.

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