Three Yuan Lithium Battery Competition Is More Severe

- Jan 10, 2017-

January 1, 2017 with the three yuan of lithium batteries in the application of the ban on the bus, which accounts for a significant increase in the trend of irreversible. Recently published a series of policies for three yuan battery promotion in the car on the foundation, fast charge type electric bus plus non energy density will be based on the size of its battery system for electricity subsidies, these changes will encourage manufacturers to adopt a higher energy density than batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery energy density is close to the ceiling of three yuan, the battery will be more popular. At the same time, the three yuan battery open also means allowing more types of batteries into the market, such as the recent GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu and silver long respected companies such as lithium titanate battery or will be accepted by more and more car prices.          

In addition, the foreign investment industry directory in the release of more restrictions on foreign investment in the field of automotive and new energy automotive batteries.          

The Ministry of science and technology 863 electric vehicle special major science and technology expert Wang Binggang told the media that the cancellation of the new energy automotive batteries foreign access restrictions, in line with the national overall strategy of opening up policy, the industry needs to be fully competitive, protection policy blindly fails to develop competitive independent brand enterprises.          

New energy vehicle market has been expanding, power battery industry is undoubtedly a huge potential and interests. According to relevant information, as of 2016, China's power battery business has more than 100, and due to the production capacity is too concentrated, a number of new entrants and poor quality of the product is about to face the fate of being eliminated. Insiders pointed out that the existing high-end product development shortage worries domestic battery industry, the fundamental reason lies in the independent research and development technology of hysteresis. In addition to production line supply, many enterprises in order to seize the huge market, not blindly expand the production line and ignore the technology research and development.          

The pressure of the shortage of funds, subsidies fall and industrial policies to raise the threshold, many small and medium-sized power battery enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to seek a way out. Recently, Ningde era of new energy Dongfeng Motor Corp officially signed a strategic framework agreement Polytron Technologies Inc. The two sides will work together to create a platform for cooperation in the field of new energy automotive industry, the formation of mutual support, complementary advantages, collaborative development, mutual benefit and win-win situation.          

A review of the development of China's battery industry, traditional manufacturing process has been unable to meet the current consumer requirements for many new energy vehicles safety, disperse order model is not conducive to centralized production, intelligent and automatic production line has become the future development trend of power battery industry.          

Insiders predict, both in technology and market layout, or 2017 in the business model, and the power battery enterprises will try to find their own "buddy" Baotuan competition. more power batteries like: