To Change The Energy Of First Mover Advantage

- Nov 14, 2016-

At present, thermal power is still the main form of power supply in China. With the increasingly prominent environmental problems, how to adjust the energy structure, vigorously develop clean energy has no time to delay. The characteristics and advantages of thermal power generation, determines the form of domestic thermal power generation equipment and technology system, with China's independent intellectual property rights, and the industrial application of commercial scale, to promote energy revolution, promote energy security, adjusting energy structure, improving the ecological environment has very important significance.          

In recent years, China's wind power and photovoltaic industry has been rapid development, has become the world's first installed power. But the wind power and photovoltaic has obvious defects: output randomness, volatility and intermittent characteristics, difficult storage, power consumptive difficult. In the absence of advanced, low-cost energy storage facilities supporting the case, it is difficult to become the main source of energy, some of the industry even called it a waste of electricity".          

And photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy sources, solar thermal power generation is to solve the new energy field, the biggest problem - energy storage. Thermal power generation heat storage device is relatively cheap to rely on, can realize the power output "continuous, stable and controllable, the power system is friendly power, can undertake baseload peaking capacity also has, more flexible, can be used as the main power grid of the future. Solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic, wind power facilities, can significantly alleviate the output fluctuation of photovoltaic and wind power, greatly improve the absorptive capacity of the power system, reduce the abandoned wind, abandoned light contradiction.          

According to the International Energy Agency predicts that in 2050 solar thermal power generation will be able to meet the needs of the world's 11.3%. Large scale development of solar thermal power generation industry, and photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation system together to form a clean energy system, can greatly promote the development of wind power photovoltaic power generation. Accelerate the increase of the proportion of renewable energy in the energy structure, the establishment of its main energy status is an important way to promote the reform of the energy supply side, to achieve a high proportion of renewable energy.          

At the same time, the influence of solar thermal power generation on the environment is very low, the entire life cycle is very low carbon, can directly replace fossil fuels, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to play an important role in controlling air pollution. After the completion of the solar thermal power station, the amount of radiation received by the surface soil can be reduced, and the surface wind speed can be reduced, and the evaporation of the surface water is reduced, which is beneficial to the growth of the vegetation and the improvement of the ecological environment. Data show that in the entire life cycle, each hair one thousand degrees of electricity, light and heat for 12 kg, PV is 110 kg, 900 kg of coal. In addition, though with solar power, after the retirement of high energy consumption and production of silicon photovoltaic industry panels impact on the environment brings, there has not been a face.          

To develop light and heat power, and to help stimulate the development of the domestic economy and related industries, and promote the structural reform of the supply side. Materials and equipment used in solar thermal power plants, mostly belong to the domestic surplus of traditional raw materials and manufacturing industry. Such as steel, glass and concrete, can alleviate the problem of excess domestic industries, especially can increase hire a large number of ordinary manufacturing and construction personnel, but also can improve driving steam turbine and generator of China's traditional industries, while creating the solar thermal power generation system integration, operation control and other emerging industries, create a lot of jobs. Therefore, the advantages of light and heat power is obvious.

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