TOYOTA Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicles Recall Accociated Problem

- Feb 18, 2017-

According to BusinessInsider website reported that due to the existence of hidden dangers of the output voltage of the fuel cell system, TOYOTA announced that it will recall about 2800 vehicles with zero emissions Mirai.          

TOYOTA said that in the special driving conditions, such as the use of cruise control in the long downhill after the throttle pedal to the fully open position, the output voltage of the fuel cell boost converter produced is likely to exceed the maximum voltage.          

So far, TOYOTA has sold about 2840 Mirai cars in Japan, the United States, some European markets and the United Arab emirates.          

TOYOTA said that the company's dealers will be free for customers to update the fuel cell software system, complete the whole operation takes about half an hour.          

TOYOTA began selling hydrogen fuel Mirai vehicles in its home country in 2014, in an effort to lead the new technology industry in. Despite the lack of hydrogen fuel supply station is still a major problem in hybrid cars of mass consumption, but TOYOTA has started to promote fuel cell vehicles, will be regarded as promoting a new generation of HEV development is the most sensible choice. TOYOTA Mirai fuel cell vehicles recall makes the write to think why? I think not because TOYOTA vehical battery is in poor quality, or TOYOTA lack of the technique to do such a thing. but i think it's not responsible for it's customer, also it means hydrogen battery is not mature for vertical line production in the whole industry so far. it's stil under trial. compared witih our small engine vehical NCM/lifepo4 battery in  e-motorcycle, e-scooter etc. for example: