UK Research And Development Of Tin Perovskite Solar Cells More Efficient Environmental Protection

- Jan 17, 2017-

Researchers at the University of Warwick said they will use an environmentally friendly alternative to lead tin production type perovskite solar cell, while efficiency or performance is not affected.          

The study was published in the "natural energy" magazine, claimed that tin is a cheaper alternative, through the use of this material in the perovskite cell tin can accelerate the technology in many applications based on the use of solar energy.          

According to Walton Richard and Professor Ross Hatton led the Warwick team said tin than expected performance of perovskite more stable and cheaper, safe and attractive for business. Without affecting the performance, the device structure can be greatly simplified, and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.          

Tin halide perovskite photovoltaic technology has not yet fully explored based on low energy, this is mainly due to the sensitivity of the tin halide perovskite oxidation defect formation and is difficult to form a pinhole free film.          

According to the researchers, the stability of CsSnI3 perovskite photovoltaic devices without hole selective interface layer shown is about 10 times the use of methyl ammonium iodide lead the same perovskite structure devices, so far CsSnI3 photovoltaic efficiency up to 3.56%.       


The use of lead in the creation of the perovskite cell enhance the durability, but in many research fields may bring the cost or toxicity problems.more high efficiency solar cells at SNL company, like: