Unmanned Technology In The End Which Strong

- Nov 27, 2016-


In fact, the first to do an unmanned Internet Co is actually Google, in the smart phone has just started in 2009, Google has set a 2020 release of an unmanned vehicle target. Only after seven years of experience, Google's test vehicle has traveled 2 million miles in four American city. This achievement for a Internet Co to do the search engine, it is not easy.          

Although Google is the first company to test unmanned vehicle on the road, it still does not realize the commercialization of unmanned vehicles, so in this regard is far behind Uber and tesla. Because there is no batch repairer qualification, other "more potential" from the company is the backbone of Google unmanned department.          

LYFY& universal          

Another is the second largest car network about Lyft, which is jointly owned by general Chevrolet, 17 years is expected to begin testing driverless taxi. The purpose of the investment is to cooperate with the Internet about car services, to build a network based on the needs of customers for the car.          


Recently Uber has finally officially released its own unmanned test car photos. At present, the car is being tested on the streets of Pittsburgh city.           Uber this test car is using a hybrid version of the Ford Fusion, by radar, laser scanner and high resolution camera collect and analyze real-time data in the test, Uber's driverless car acceleration, braking, steering and some basic operation test, and in the open automatic driving mode, if encounter some obstacles or not through the road, cars will warn in a loud tone.          


In November 19th, Tesla released a new unmanned video, a Model X in unmanned condition, traveling in Silicon Valley for nearly 10 minutes, the way through multiple junctions and traffic lights, and accurately identify the bicycles and pedestrians to avoid, and finally the automatic parking.          

Although there have been a few owners because the unmanned cause accident, but Marx still very confident, he also revealed to promote the development of unmanned technology for Tesla will be through the data analysis of billions of miles of driving, and these data together, no few can match, Tesla is also remarkable. Determination of monopoly.          

Mercedes Benz          

Futian in Beijing built a super factory to build unmanned also played no calories, calories and benz. And the beginning of this year has started from Stuttgart, Germany, Rotterdam, Holland to carry out automatic driving truck fleet test. Testing of the three trucks based on Actros models to build, are equipped with Mercedes's Pilot Connect Highway system, and rely on V2V technology to make three trucks automatically arranged into a running queue. The front of the truck to collect data, and then transmits the data to the back of the two trucks through the Wi-Fi, so the three trucks can be precisely at the same time, accelerate the whole brake, without any manual data input.          

The distance between the three trucks is 15 meters, and the distance can reduce the resistance to reduce the fuel consumption by 15%, while the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 10%. This efficient truck queue is not only good for the environment, but also can save a lot of cost for transport companies.          

Benz said, this connection to the road traffic safety, the truck to send data to the back of the truck only need 0 seconds, compared with human drivers for emergency reaction time was 1.4 seconds. Mercedes Benz CEO also says that no one is more secure than a truck. Of course, if there is no calories successfully developed, so there will be no more buses, unmanned excavator etc.......           Audi          

There is a technology to have the capital car, today announced the German Ministry of communications and cooperation with unmanned plan. Audi's driverless ranks is one of the earliest is the earliest, because Audi has repeatedly said publicly he is developing unmanned technology, but the attention is far lower than that of Tesla and Internet companies.          

In early 2013 CES, Audi unveiled a A7 automatic parking system, as long as you open the application on smart mobile phone to press a button, this car A7 will start automatically, the speed is not more than 10 miles, that has now been increased to 550 miles.          

In 2014, Audi also unveiled the RS7 concept car, the car with unmanned way to show that "the world's fastest driverless cars on the track in Hockenheim".

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