Vietnam's Largest Solar Module Factory Officially Put Into Operation

- Jan 08, 2017-

China Trina Solar Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Trina Solar) holding the solar module factory in the cloud 6 Industrial Zone in northern Vietnam officially put into operation in jiangsu. The project has a total capacity of 1000 trillion watts monomer design, is currently the largest solar cell in Vietnam to set up factories.          

North Vietnam Provincial People's committee chairman Ruan Wenling said that the Chinese enterprises in the Beijiang investment not only brings advanced technology and management experience, but also attach importance to environmental protection and labor relations, made an important contribution to promote bilateral economic and trade development.          

Trina Solar chairman and CEO gaojifan said the company set up factories to Vietnam for sharing, win-win and common improve, achieve the "Chinese creation" and the global landing also contributed to the local enterprises to improve technology and personnel training. Trina Solar hopes to "innovation and The Belt and Road along the country's mode of cooperation, to promote the development of solar energy application market in Southeast asia.          

According to reports, the battery assembly plant covers an area of about 42 thousand square meters, equipped with 14 advanced production lines in the industry, the production of a variety of single, polycrystalline battery chip. The plant began construction in May last year, has created nearly a thousand jobs. solar battery like: