Water Membrane Coating Slurry For Safety Soft Plastic Film Battery Upgrade

- Sep 08, 2016-

The traditional solution of PVDF as a mature adhesive although widely used, but it is difficult to balance the conductivity and bonding performance, prone to pollution problem has hindered the further improve the performance of lithium battery products.           


In August 22nd, "after the rectification" era, how to live better? "As the theme of the 2016 (ninth) high lithium battery industry forum and the 2016 high electric vehicles (passenger car, passenger car) national tour launch ceremony held in Kerry Hotel Pudong. Over 200 leading companies from various segments of the lithium battery industry chain together, the current China lithium battery industry faces opportunities and challenges to expand the depth of exchange and discussion.with the development of increasing new energy cars, large demand on lithium batteries boost battery industry a grow fast and rocket high. SNL company would like to backup with our latest new battery technique achievements, from new specification, quality control to our serious after sales service, wish SNL could be your best pre-and-after sales behind man.


In the "battery materials - the next generation of battery technology and the layout of the special material, Chengdu zhongkelaifang Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zhongkelaifang) Deputy General Manager Li Rengui made" water membrane coating materials allow you to a safe core "keynote speech, the latest research results for the industry the introduction of lithium ion battery membrane coating slurry.           


Li Rengui pointed out that the traditional PVDF solution as a mature adhesive although widely used, but it is difficult to balance the conductivity and bonding performance, prone to pollution problem has hindered the further improve the performance of lithium battery products. PVDF has strong antioxidant properties at relatively high potential, and it is easy to soften in the electrolyte solution, and the performance of the battery is not limited. There are also many problems in the preparation of thick electrode with high load, such as the formation of crack, delamination, and lack of flexibility. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.including 12v battery 4ah, lifepo4 12v, 12v 5 ah battery,alarm system batteries 12v and so on.

"Traditional PVDF scheme is difficult to give attention to both conductivity and bonding performance, easy to produce pollution, we have developed the lithium-ion battery separator functional layer of water-based coating slurry to solve these problems well." Zhongkelaifang deputy general manager Li Rengui said the company developed the waterborne coating for flexible packaging lithium battery diaphragm function layer coated with nano microspheres with core-shell structure characteristics in lithium battery enhanced electrical conductivity, enhanced bonding ability, reduce production cost, improve the battery safety and cycle life and there exist many the advantages, and also provides conditions for the replacement of PVDF. 

SNL is a professional lithium battery supplier, which also is an electric bike battery manufacture/factory supplies 12 volts rechargeable battery, rechargeable 18650,rechargeable battery 12v 7ah, 12v 12ah battery and so on.         

The function of water slurry membrane coating for 3C soft package lithium ion battery separator coating, sheet and diaphragm can increase the bond strength, resolve the problem of deformation of the battery, providing safety and cycle life. For the soft power lithium ion battery membrane coating, can improve battery energy density, hardness and smoothness and safety performance.

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