What Is A Lithium Battery? Why Use Lithium Batteries? Does Lithium Battery Work Well?

- Jan 20, 2019-

What is a lithium battery? Why use lithium batteries? Does lithium battery work well?

First let's look at the characteristics of a perfect battery.

  •    Perfect batteries should have high energy

  •    Perfect batteries should be highly efficient

  •    Perfect batteries should not require maintenance

  •    Perfect batteries should have a long service life

  •    Perfect batteries should be able to charge at any time during intermittent time

  •    Perfect batteries should not have complex structures

SINOLI lithium battery mainly consists of pole (positive/negative), battery management system, module connector, current monitor, safety protection board, buzzer and other components.

  •    Small volume = high energy, high energy density

  •    Low loss =  high efficiency

  •    No need for routine maintenance = Maintenance-free

  •    Long service life =  strong durability

  •    Fast charging = saves time

  •    No need to replace batteries and charging rooms = Easy to operate uuuuuuuuuu

The use of lithium-ion batteries can improve vehicle performance and flexibility:

Our services I:

  •    Production and assembly of key components of all batteries, including software and hardware development;

  •    Use safety battery chemicals (lithium iron phosphate);

  •    Effective monitoring and management of lithium batteries through battery management system (BMS);

  •    Quick charging, 50% capacity in 30 minutes, 80 minutes to fill the battery;

  •    CE/IEC62133/CB/UN38.3/MSDS certification.

Your benefits I:

  •    Battery Management System (BMS) can effectively prevent deep discharge and prolong battery life.

  •    Equipped with fast charging and slow charging options;

  •    Maintenance-free;

  •    Electricity display to prevent premature charging.

Our services II:

  •    Provide high-quality chargers for every Eternal Li-ion battery;

  •    Can cope with various working conditions and requirements, whether single, second or third shift operation, whether light or heavy load;

  •    SLH 300/300i high frequency charger, suitable for 24V, 48V or 80V.

Your benefits II:

  •    The high availability of trucks and batteries is due to the short charging time of chargers.

  •    Compared with the traditional charger, it saves more energy.

  •    Safe and fast charging.