What Is Short Circuit Of Lithium Ion Battery?

- May 13, 2018-

Brief discussion on internal short circuit of lithium ion battery

What is short circuit of lithium ion battery?

The internal short circuit refers to the design or manufacturing of a lithium ion battery, which causes the batteries to be in the surplus, or the lithium dendrites, causing the diaphragm to break and a short circuit between the positive and negative poles, which is the most dangerous situation because the energy of the whole battery is released through this short circuit at this time (up to 70% or so). The energy will be released in 60s, so the instantaneous temperature here rises rapidly, then triggering the decomposition of positive and negative active substances, electrolyte and so on, causing the lithium ion battery to be out of heat control.

in a word, lithium ion battery short circuit, has external and internal short circuit. it is very dangerouse thing.

What cause the fire accident of Boston 787 Dreamliner?

The fire accident of the 787 Dreamliner Li ion battery in Boston is believed to be caused by the internal short circuit due to the lithium ion battery charging at low temperatures. With the popularity of electric vehicles, similar safety events will continue. How to reduce the loss caused by the internal short circuit of lithium ion batteries in design is a problem that our lithium ion battery designers need to consider. Therefore, the simulation of the short circuit in the lithium ion battery becomes particularly important.

lithium ion battery safety test has many different kinds, for example, penerate testing, heat testing, punch test, drop test etc.

lithium ion battery short circuit is similar like penerate test, which use a metal needel penerate the battery body, which cause lithium ion battery cell short circuit from outside. it will start from one point to make battery get fired and then cause a series fire with all points short circuit. 

compared with penetrate from outside, lithium ion battery internal short circuit is hard to be simulated and even serious.