What Is The Difference Between Tesla 18650 Battery And Panasonic NCR18650

- Mar 28, 2017-

Tesla Model S and Model X models are equipped with a battery, but this battery is also a part of the Tesla car is very little known to the outside world. Although Tesla's battery manufacturer, Panasonic lists almost all of its different battery specifications, but it did not release specifications for Tesla developed battery specifications.          

A channel on Youtube purchased a 18650 cell from the eBay network, which the seller claimed was from Tesla's battery module, possibly from recycled vehicles.          

Although Panasonic sold the battery alone, but the company has also developed a custom battery, through partnership agreement to provide 18650 Tesla battery. As early as 2014, Tesla signed a contract with Panasonic, the production of billions of such batteries for Tesla Model S and Model X series models, until the end of 2017.          

The outside world now knows that they have developed a new battery, a larger 2170 batteries. The battery is manufactured in Gigafactory, Nevada, but these batteries are currently used only in Tesla's Powerpack and Powerwall. They will also be used in Model 3 later this year. At present, the 18650 battery is only used in Tesla's car.          

It is said that the 18650 battery life longer than Panasonic's NCR18650 battery, the seller tested them, and provides a comparison of these charts.