What Recycle From ConsumerPower Li Ion Battery?

- Oct 27, 2018-

Lithium battery recycling is not only a highly complex industry chain problem, but also involves recycling costs. 

What is value thing in consumer lithium ion batteries ad power lithium ion batteries?

Only cobalt and copper have recycling value in consumer lithium ion batteries, and only cobalt, nickel and copper have recycling value in power lithium ion batteries

How is lithium ion battery recycle process?  

Lithium ion battery recycle process is complex. 

Firstly, the battery under different SOC States needs to be fully discharged. 

Then the battery is dismantled and the positive and negative plates are separated. 

Then cobalt and nickel are extracted from the positive plates by chemical methods, and copper is extracted from the negative plates. 

These elements will be in the form of solution, and then through chemical methods to precipitate these elements from the mother liquor separation and finally through purification, washing, drying, calcination and other processes, to prepare the corresponding metal oxides for lithium battery industry chain recycling. 

These recycle processes, often consume a lot of water and energy, and will bring some pollution (such as: wastewater treatment and discharge, waste gas, etc.). 

In addition, the internal structure of lithium batteries is complex (compared with lead-acid batteries), the disassembly process is cumbersome, and it is difficult to achieve automatic continuous operation. 

In short, unless highly automated disassembly and separation processes are developed to meet the high cost of complex processes and environmental protection, large-scale recycle of lithium batteries will remain a difficult task.