What's 12v & 48v Recharge Lithium Ion Battery Fetal Element In Good Performance?

- Feb 04, 2018-

The 12v battery and 48V system batteries require a higher power characteristic and performance, so technically speaking, batteries should be moved forwarder in impedance:

1. the impedance of the battery must be reduced.

2. it is necessary to reduce battery impedance in a wide range of temperature.

12v low voltage and 48v high voltage rechargeable battery is widely used in electric cars. in all capacities, like 100ah, 200ah etc. the bigger power of the battery, eight in 12v system or 48v system or other voltages, battery internal resistance is always a key point to battery power and navigation ability. good match with low impendance will give a much longer navigation and a much better experience and much safer in driving.