What's The Situation Of Lithium Ion Battery Market In 2017 Compared With 2016

- Aug 20, 2017-

The size of Chinese lithium battery segments: according to statistics, in 2016 Chinese digital lithium lithium 3C accounted for 52% of total production, the first half of 2017 China lithium 3C digital accounted for 41% of total production, and enhance the power from 16 years 43% to 55% in the first half of 2017.          

The storage battery accounted for little change, but the total increase, many manufacturers have the layout, the future growth potential, the future lithium battery scale growth will mainly come from the new energy vehicles, the storage battery and the field of UAV intelligent equipment.          

Chinese power lithium battery production: according to statistics, in 2016 China battery output amount was 27.9GWH, according to the division of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials of the highest proportion of 60%, three yuan accounted for more than 34% second, and the ratio of 6% other lithium manganate.

from the above datus, we can conclude that  lithium ion battery is going to increasing in market quota, in not near future, it will take the quota of lead acid battery soon.