where can i buy 18650 3000mah rechargeable li ion batteries highest mah

- Apr 21, 2017-

where can i buy 18650 3000mah rechargeable li ion batteries highest mah
  • Model NO.: ICR18650

  • Battery Type: Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery

  • Packaging: Simple

  • Factory: Guangdong

  • Specification: international standard

  • Nominal Voltage: 1.2V

  • Size: 18*65mm

  • Origin: China

  • Applicated in:

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Product Description
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Type Li-ion
Nominal Voltage 3.6v
Size: AA small size
Nominal Capacity 3000mah
High quality
Nominal Voltage: 3.6v
Nominal Capacity: 3000mah
18650 3.6v Li-ion battery

18500-1500MAH 2S2P 7.4V
17500-1100MAH 3.7V
18500-1500MAH 3.7V
18650-1400MAH B
14180 3.6V 1/3AA 60MAH
14180 3.6V 1/3AA 80MAH
14180 3.6V 1/3AA 110MAH
14180 3.6V 1/3AA 120MAH
18350 3.6V 900MAH
10300 3.6V2/3AAA 100MAH
14280 3.6V 2/3AA 300/350MAH
14250 3.6V 1/2AA 150MAH
14250 3.6V 1/2AA 280MAH
14505 3.6V AA 400MAH
10430 3.6V AAA 160MAH
14505 3.6V AA 700MAH
10430 3.6V AAA 300MAH
10440 AAA 3.6V 220MAH
10440 AAA 3.6V 250MAH
10440 AAA 3.7V 320MAH
16340 3.6V 123A 400MAH
16340 3.6V 123A 550MAH
16340 3.6V 123A 600MAH
16340=123A 25.2V 600MAH
17335 450MAH  3.6V
17335  600MAH  3.6V