Where To Best 4s2p Lipo 5000mah Battery With Charger

- Mar 24, 2017-

In the electric vehicle lithium battery cathode material route, the domestic market is the main choice of lithium iron phosphate or three yuan / manganese system of these two categories.          

With subsidies for the new deal landing, equipped with a higher energy density power batteries of new energy vehicles will receive higher policy subsidies, three yuan battery and materials will usher in rapid development opportunities.          

High nickel three yuan battery with its high energy density, long cycle life, good safety, low cost and other characteristics, has become the focus of the layout of major companies.          

At present, the application of cathode material of high nickel battery three yuan mainly concentrated in the nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) and nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA), because the domestic nickel cobalt aluminum manufacturing technology is not yet mature, nickel cobalt manganese is the mainstream of China's three yuan battery materials. Nickel cobalt manganese three material with nickel salt, cobalt salt, manganese salt as raw material, through the deployment of the proportion of the three, to get different electrode characteristics.