Where To Buy CR2032 Non-recharge 3.0v Battery Good Quality & Wholesales Business

- Feb 11, 2018-

Where to Buy CR2032 Non-recharge 3.0v Battery Good Quality & Wholesales Business?

Firstly, Congratualtions to our Poland Customer successfully received our CR2032 non-rechargeable battery, 12000pcs, on 25th January. 

here attached the delivery information as below:


1. what's the power of your CR2032?

  • Answer: this CR2032 is made with different articraft, with high nickel material, which capacity max reach max 250mAh. normally, CR2032 has power like 200mah, 210mah, 220mah, 230mah. 

2. what's the difference between your production articrafts and the others?

  • Answer: this CR2032 battery we are using updated articrafts in manufacturing process. simply speaking, it's much better to control electrolyte volatilization process. so you can open the battery CR2032 to see if this CR2032 has steel shield. if you find has no steel shield, you will also find a bad smell. that is electrolyte volatilization process. power is lossing. so any high nickel material plan will also loss power quickly. that is the fetal defectiveness of the ancient production articraft.

3. what if i want less power battery? what's any other more defectiveness of the ancient craft CR2032?

  • Answer: yes, except the above mentioned defectiveness. the ancient articraft also has another poor shortcoming is that it has poor performance in storage. the ancient craticraft CR2032, has max storage life for half year, depend on it's capacity. even though the highest capacity, take CR2032 250mah for an example, this is the max power receipt so far as this news issued. after half a year, this max power 250mAh CR2032 battery will has no power anymore. Remember this CR2032 is non-rechargeable.  

that is fetal for a distributor to sell on market. the reasons are two: 

  • firstly, to save an average cost of each CR2032 battery, distributor generally has to store large mounts of each battery model, which volumn can be sell for a year at least. here comes the problem, after half a year, the ancient articraft CR2032 has no power output anymore, because it's electrolyte volatilization process is too quick.

  • seconds, after half a year, distribuotor or manufacturer find the CR2032 has no power, but still can not be charged anymore. because it's non-rechargeable. 

then, what should you do with those non-rechargeable batteries?

dispose as rubish right?

if you have any question or doubts, welcome to discuss and supplement this text is warmly welcome. 

where to buy good quality CR2032 non-rechargeable batteries? you can also compare SINOLI battery with the others. welcome for any inquiry. hope your business in 2018 will be better and better. anything SINOLI can do for you, welcome to ask. hope to joint hands to work through all problems.