Whether The Enterprise Can Share Lithium New Energy Vehicles In A Cup Of Soup

- Nov 08, 2016-

The upstream lithium enterprise with the help of this wave of new energy vehicles, staking competing, trying to enhance the core competitiveness of the market, consolidating its industrial layout. What enterprises can share lithium new energy vehicles, a piece of it?          

We found that most of the new energy automobile manufacturers have their own power lithium battery research and production capacity, some companies are more in the production of equipment and technology, ahead of the specialized lithium battery manufacturers. At present, the power battery costs accounted for the cost of the vehicle 40% - 50%, the new energy automobile enterprises to seize the initiative, continuous deep research and production of lithium batteries. The lithium industry to enter the field of new energy automobiles as the starting point from the upstream, it is not easy.          

Of course, the new energy automobile production qualification is an important threshold, to shanshangufen as an example, although as early as Cheng Liqing fir fir green car, but did not build bus qualification, and want to extend to the passenger car business apparently also need time. Under the strict control of the qualification by the production of new energy vehicles, lithium battery enterprises want to squeeze the existing automobile manufacturers to obtain production qualification is difficult.          

The other threshold running mode is lithium new energy automobile enterprises want to share a cup of soup. Lithium difficult to downstream enterprises to extend the automobile industry chain, more are in the stage of strategic deployment, the real breakthrough is not much, facing the competition and automobile enterprises in R & D, production, sales and other aspects, need to face greater risk. On the first release blindly interests of enterprises will be lithium, economic cooperation and the new energy automobile manufacturers to upgrade technical cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win benefits of technological progress and harvest.          

In lithium battery enterprises to enter the field of new energy vehicles, continue to extend the industrial chain, the idea is good, but it is not easy to share a cup of soup.

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