Who Is The Power Battery Potential Stocks

- Dec 25, 2016-

In 2016 the market for lithium batteries in EV development along the Xunfei mengjin. Good market prospects, let the lithium industry mergers and acquisitions investment showing a blowout situation, according to Li TVU data statistics, as of November 14th, lithium battery industry chain and MampA nearly 80, the amount of over 70 billion yuan.          

In addition, according to Nomura forecast in fiscal year 2020, the global EV market value will reach $29 billion 900 million!          

At the same time, the global EV battery capacity reached 2015 in fiscal year 24GW, forecast to fiscal year 2020 will grow to 253GW scale. At the same time, due to the battery manufacturer's global expansion of scale, technology updates and iteration, in fiscal year 2020, the use of EV/PHEV lithium battery prices will drop 12/18 percentage points.          

From the policy point of view, three yuan lithium battery trend is obvious. According to media reports, in 2017 the new energy vehicle subsidy adjustment policy is expected to be announced in the near future. State subsidies for new energy vehicles policy began to tilt to the energy density and mileage, and power density, lithium iron phosphate battery energy density is only 130-150Wh/g; three yuan battery energy density is more than 200Wh/kg, in terms of energy density, three yuan battery has greater advantages and obvious improvement. Three yuan battery energy density is high, with the cycling number and stability of rapid promotion, new energy car enterprises in promoting the new subsidy policy will focus on the application of three yuan three yuan battery, battery demand will be broke.          

Who will divide such a large cake? The passenger in the overall size of the market is relatively large EV, it seems, Panasonic's market share reached 32%; the largest, followed by AESC (NISSAN and NEC joint venture), occupy 1/4 of the global market; followed by LG chemical, accounted for 15%; the remaining is Samsung SDI and BYD, respectively, and 13% 11%.


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