Win at the Trend -- 2016 the 4th Lithium ion Battery Davos

- Aug 12, 2016-

the 4th International Lithium ion Battery New Energy Industry Summit Forum, ABEC 2016 Lithium battery Davos, is going to be held on 22nd-25th November 2016 at Changsha city, Hunan Province.

ABEC, which is short for Advanced Batteries for xEV/ESS Conference, is a powerful and extensive influence summit forum of li-ion battery, which attracts lots of famous battery special enterprises and institutes from all over the world.


Lithium battery industry seems facing unpersedented big development chance in recent years.


Lithium Hexafluorophosphate ( which is for lifepo4, lithium iron phosphate) battery, lithium carbonate battery etc, the raw material cost soars, consumer-end market cooling down, high quality dynamic battery production ability lag behind,

lithium battery big heads pre-layout with strong efforts, lithium battery inventory list in and out system, wast battery recycle problem will all affect the development layout and enterprise living condition.


the first half year of 2016, lithium battery industry invention keeps hi-heat, 54 list battery company invest more then 116 billion RMB, mergers and acquisitions intensified, National Equities Exchange and Quotations permits 23 battery company list on.

for lithium battery industry, mini 3c lithium battery, dynamic lithium battery, solar battery, will still keep an increase by 25-35%.