Wireless Charging Era Will Accelerate Arrival

- Dec 26, 2016-

According to Automotive News website Electrek reported that General Company announced last week that WiTricity and start-up companies jointly develop wireless charging technology, a new cooperation agreement or will accelerate the development of wireless charging technology, and promote the use of electric vehicles.          

Wireless charging technology has been born for many years, although the technology has a great convenience, but in the past few years, the traditional wired charging technology has made steady development, people can not help asking, wireless charging technology of real time in order to catch up with the wired charging?          

In order to accelerate the development of wireless charging technology, General Motors announced last week signed a cooperation agreement with the Boston start-up company WiTricity, the two will work together to develop wireless charging board for electric vehicles. It is understood that WiTricity was originally a project Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but then in 2007, the project is independent and built an independent company, focusing on R & D wireless charging technology.          

General motors and WiTricity aim to develop wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, such as a charging board that can be installed on concrete or other material parking surfaces. In this way, the electric car can stop on the charging board above, and can automatically wireless charging. Currently, Momentum Dynamics and Plugless has also demonstrated similar systems.

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