3v CR2032 Lithium Battery 3v Non Rechargeable

3v CR2032 Lithium Battery 3v Non Rechargeable

3v CR2032 Lithium Battery 3v Non Rechargeable:

1. voltage: 3v

2. capacity: 220mah (or OEM)

3. size: 2*32mm (or OEM)

4. type: non-rechargeable battery, 3v CR2032

5. MOQ:10k

Product Details

3v CR2032 Lithium Battery 3v Non Rechargeable

I. battery specification:

-  norminal voltage: 3.0v

-  nominal capacity: 220mah

-  minimum capacity: 210mAh

-  size: 2.0*32mm

II. 3v lithium battery cr2032 discharge curve:

discharge curve.png

III. More other non-rechargeable coin cell battery:

Battery Modeltypical voltagetypical capacityworking current (mA)max size (mm)weight (g)

We often use dry batteries in our daily life, such as battery No. 5, No. 7. Dry batteries have the disagreeable disadvantage of self discharge. Self discharge is not only related to the internal factors of the battery, but also related to the ambient temperature and humidity. After a certain storage period, the performance of the battery will be reduced due to self discharge, so it is necessary to choose a large number of dry batteries.

Belong to the original battery chemical power in batteries, is a one-time battery, it is thought that the cathode with zinc cylinder as cathode, the chemical energy into electrical energy supply circuit. In chemical reaction, zinc loses electrons and is oxidized because zinc is more active than manganese, and manganese is reduced to electrons. So dry batteries are called disposable batteries, which are often used as flashlights, radio, remote control and other power sources.

When choosing a dry battery, pay attention to the following points:

1, select the battery according to the needs of the product. Usually, the basic electricity is 3-8 times of the carbon, and the energy consumption is only 1/7-1/4 of carbon.

For example, with a flash lamp, a camera, an electric toy, and so on, it is best to choose alkaline zinc manganese battery.

Used in the remote control, clock and other electricity demand general appliances, the selection of ordinary zinc manganese battery can.

2. Pay attention to the storage period of the battery. The shelf life of carbon zinc manganese batteries is 2 years. When buying, we should choose the products that are produced in the near future. The difference between alkaline zinc manganese battery and carbon zinc manganese battery is that in the past, people often think that the life of battery is not as ideal as that of imagination in daily use. This is the biggest difference between alkaline zinc manganese battery and ordinary zinc manganese battery. In daily use, some large flow appliances are most capable of showing the characteristics of alkaline and zinc manganese batteries.

Precautions for using the battery:

(1) choose the right type that is most suitable for your product. Before checking the battery into the product, check the cleanliness of the electrical and battery contacts. When you put the battery into the product, pay attention to the match between the positive and negative poles of the battery and the positive and negative poles of the product, otherwise it will lead to short circuit.

(2) do not mix the old and new batteries. They cannot be mixed with the same type but different types of batteries. They cannot be regenerated by heating, charging or other methods, nor do they remove batteries.

(3) remove the battery in time to avoid leakage and lead to damage. Unused batteries should be stored in the original package and away from metal objects.

(4) the battery should be taken out of the battery for a long time.

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