HOT Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh 10A Battery

HOT Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh 10A Battery

HOT Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh 10A Battery:

1. voltage: 3.7v

2. capacity: 2900mah (or OEM)

3. size: 18*65mm (or OEM)

4. type: Original Samsung INR18650 li-ion battery

Product Details

HOT Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh 10A Battery

1.    Rated Capacity                          2700mAh  0.54A discharge at 20℃
2.    Capacity                               Minimum 2750mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃

Typical 2900mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃
3.    Nominal Voltage                         3.6v   0.54A discharge at 25℃
4.    Discharge End Voltage                         2.5v
5.    Charging Current (Std.)                         1.35A
6.    Charging Voltage                                4.2 ± 0.03v
7.    Charging Time(Std.)                             4hours
8.    Continuouse Discharging Current (max)        10A 0-40℃
9.    Internal Resistance                         less than 35mR    AC Impedance 1kHz
10.   Weight                                      less than 47g
11.   Operating Temperature                       Charge 10-45 with 1.35A
                                                   Discharge -20~60℃


Li-ion Batteries DO Pay Attention to over-charge and over-discharge.

When the power is very weak, please stop use, battery needs a re-charge.

Sever over use will destroy li-ion battery.

So it need a PCB for a battery management in attempt to protect and make battery safe from potential issues.

Q64: What is the internal pressure of a battery?

It refers to the internal pressure of the battery, which is caused by the gas produced during the charging and discharging process of the sealed battery. The main reason is the concentration of gas produced by the decomposition of water and organic solution in the battery. Generally, the internal pressure of the battery is maintained at the normal level. In case of over-charge or over-discharge, the internal pressure of the battery may increase:


For example, overcharging, positive: 4OH- 4e to 2H2O + O2? 1.

 The oxygen that's produced reacts with the hydrogen that's coming out of the negative electrode to form water 2H2 plus O2 at 2H2 o

 If the reaction shot is slower than the reaction shot, the oxygen produced cannot be consumed, causing the internal pressure of the battery to rise.


Q65: What is the standard charge-hold test?

IEC stipulates that the standard charge holding test for nickel-metal hydride batteries shall be:


Battery to 0.2 C to 1.0 V, 0.1 C 16 hours of charging, the temperature is 20 ℃ + / - 5 ℃, humidity of 65% plus or minus 65%, under the condition of storage after 28 days, to 0.2 to 1.0 V, C discharge and nimh batteries should be greater than 3 hours.


Standards of the state regulations of lithium-ion batteries charged keep test is: (IEC standards) battery to 0.2 C to 3.0 / teams, after constant current constant voltage charging with 1 C to 4.2 V, cut-off current of 10 ma, under the temperature of 20 ℃ + 5 ℃ storage after 28 days, to 0.2 to 2.75 V, C discharge calculation of discharge capacity, and then compared with the nominal capacity battery, should not be less than 85% of the initial capacity.